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stop female erasure, K. Yang, the deprogrammer
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 Join K. Yang (The Deprogrammer / Stop Female Erasure) &
Amy Sousa (Known Heretic / Little Red Reverberations) for a
livestream, chat and call-in watch party of the
Let Women Speak - USA Speakers Corner Tour featuring
Kellie Jay Keen founder of Standing For Women UK. 

We’ll be linking up with women on the ground in every city to bring you live interviews with your favorite fearless female warriors and highlight the voices of women across the country who are standing up against the destruction of female sex based rights in the name of gender identity laws and ideology.

Join the live chat and connect with other women!

We’ll take your calls and platform your voice live on the show. 

stop female erasure, K. Yang, the deprogrammer, amy sousa, known heretic

upcoming livestreams

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documented attempts to
silence women in New York city

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press release

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Standing for Women’s ‘Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour’ Final Stop: New York City

11 City Nationwide Tour Ends with Final Stop in New York City


November 14, 2022: (New York City) The Let Women Speak USA 2022 Tour arrives in NYC. Kellie-Jay Keen, the UK-based founder of Standing for Women, aims to reach people who have begun to recognize government and media disinformation regarding the medicalization, sterilization, and mutilation of sex stereotype nonconforming children receiving puberty blockers and genital mutilating surgeries in the name of so-called “gender-affirming” care.


Women’s bodily autonomy is being erased on both the right and the left. While the right threatens to remove abortion rights, the left has systematically eroded all sex based provisions & protections our foremothers fought for and won. Incarcerated women are now being forced to share cells with male-sex offenders, Title IX protections for girls have been demolished and girls are losing scholarships and titles to male competitors all the while being forced to share a locker room with unwanted males.


“Women and children bear the scars of this pernicious quasi religious cult and women will be the ones to dismantle it and bring the adults back in the room. We will be heard.” - Kellie-Jay Keen, Founder of Standing for Women


Monday’s NYC event is the last stop on a tour of 11 cities nationwide, from Los Angeles to New York City. The Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour is a public record of the work done by American women’s rights activists to raise awareness of the ways gender ideology conflicts with sex-based rights. Each live-streamed event will be filmed for an upcoming documentary produced by Standing For Women.


November 14, 1:00 pm, in front of City Hall

(City Hall at Broadway & Murray)


Throughout the tour, in Tacoma, Austin, Chicago, and Washington DC., trans rights activists and self described “antifa” used multiple sirens, alarms, megaphones, and sundry household items to drown out women sharing stories of the ways gender ideology has negatively impacted their lives, including increasing their risk of violence. 


In D.C. one person held an alarm next to the ears of speakers until ordered to cease or be arrested by the U.S. Parks Police. Having failed to secure a permit to protest, the person and their fellow agitators were ordered to another section of the memorial. Shortly after that, the same individual can be seen fleeing on foot, chased by police and SWAT before being arrested and charged with “Disorderly Conduct-Disrupting a Public Gathering, Resisting Arrest, Violation of Demonstration Regulations, Interfering with Agency Function, and Violation of Closure of Public Use Limit.”


Sound has become a popular tactic of the far-left. Trans rights activists and self described “antifa” deploy it rather than engage in meaningful debate about the conflicts between gender ideology and the sex-based rights of women and girls. According to the CDC, “noise above 70 decibels over a prolonged period of time may start to damage your hearing. Loud noise above 120 decibels can cause immediate harm to your ears.”


Far-left activists have been responsible for significant disruption on the tour. Keen was forced to cancel her Portland stop due to credible death threats by a local Antifa leader and trans-identified male who crowdfunded money to purchase weapons to use against Keen and her supporters. In Tacoma last month, a man was arrested after breaking two fingers belonging to disabled women’s activist, April Morrow, founder of Sovereign Women Speaks. Antifa has intimidated and doxxed multiple women’s rights activists attending the events. 


Keen is a steady presence across international media. She has appeared on NBC News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, Newsmax, GB News, Daily Mail UK, Metro,, Reduxx, Yahoo! News, The Times, The Sun, The Post Millennial, The Spectator and more.


For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Kellie-Jay Keen:

Email: or  

Standing for Women Twitter account: @standingforxx



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