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On January 20, 2021 newly elected President Biden signed an executive order that is likely to eliminate the rights of women and girls to protections and provisions based on the category of sex. Instead, Biden’s order chooses to interpret sex broadly as “sexual orientation and gender identity” but does not make any provisions for the physical category of sex, meaning that women and girls (female people) may no longer be a legally protected class once the order is implemented.



This event is being held on March 8th, 2021 to protest Biden’s executive order and to demand our rights as women and girls to single sex spaces and sports. We believe and fight for the rights of women and girls to:



Exist based on our whole humanity as female humans, ie. women and girls, and reject being reduced to a “gender identity.”


Single sex spaces including bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, military barracks, shelters, prisons, and rape crisis centers.


Insist on bodily integrity, privacy, and safety. Anything less is a violation of our boundaries and an enforcement of rape culture.


Single sex sports. Women and girls deserve the rights conferred under Title IX with fair opportunities for participation and scholarships. Men and boys have many physiological advantages over women & girls.


The right to choose a health care provider of their own sex, which is simply a matter of consent. Anything less is a violation of our boundaries and an enforcement of rape culture.


The right of free speech. Women and girls deserve the right to name material reality as it exists. We deserve to use accurate language when speaking about human sex and name adult human males as men.



Women and girls demand the recognition of our full humanity as a sex class. We are not a “gendered identity status.” We do not exist to validate the identity claims of men and boys.


Nor are we human shields for men and boys who are vulnerable in male single sex spaces.


We deserve protections and provisions “ON THE BASIS OF SEX” —as championed by Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We stand with our foremothers, foresisters, and suffragists such as Susan B. Anthony, who said, “No self-respecting women should wish or work for a party that ignores her sex.”.

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